Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Mesa, AZ

Because of anxiety related to the dentist, many patients avoid visiting the dental office. Negative association with the dental office is typically caused by a previous bad experience. 
Dr. Jonathan Kalika understands how difficult it can be to relax at the dental office, and works diligently to improve comfort for his patients. At Dental Center of Mesa, we offer sedation services to help patients stay calm when receiving treatment. 

Our dentist and his team empathize with our patients, taking a compassionate, gentle approach when administering care. We guide patients through their journey to achieving optimal oral health, ensuring they always remain as comfortable as possible.
Advantages of Sedation to Complement Dental Services

Dental sedation offers patients a way to improve their experience while receiving treatment. Dr. Kalika thoroughly discusses treatment plans created specifically for you.
At Dental Center of Mesa, your safety is our number one priority. Before receiving sedation, our dentist goes through your medical history and examines your current health. We make sure that you are fit to be sedated, going over how each option will improve comfort during treatment.

Patients who opt for conscious sedation in their dental strategy experience:

  • Maximized comfort during the procedure
  • An ability to remain awake and responsive, but completely relaxed
  • Improved tolerance for lengthy procedures
  • Enhances the overall experience at the dental office

Knowing More About Sedation

At the Dental Center of Mesa, we offer nitrous oxide and IV sedation options. Both forms provide unique benefits for patients and selecting the form of relaxant best suited for you is important.

Nitrous Oxide, also widely known as laughing gas, is an inhalant that leaves a person in a euphoric state while reducing sensation and focus. Dr. Kalika can quickly reverse the effects of the sedative by having you breathe in oxygen. Nitrous oxide allows patients to return to their daily lives without any hindrance.

IV Sedation is administered intravenously and is a way to deliver medicine directly to the bloodstream. The effects of this relaxant are practically immediate and make patients feel like they have slept through the entire procedure even though they remain responsive. For this sedation method, patients must bring a trusted person to take them from the practice after treatment is complete.

Relax at Our Practice!

If you would like to know more about how sedation can improve your next treatment, contact the
Dental Center of Mesa today! Our Mesa dentist, Dr. Kalika, is passionate about improving the oral health and
aesthetic of his patients while they stay comfortable.

As a courtesy our office provides a complimentary consultation. To review your concerns, please call
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