Same-Day Dentistry in Mesa, AZ

In the past, most traditional dental procedures would take weeks to accomplish. With the most recent advances in dentistry, our practice can deliver same-day services for many common procedures.

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One Day Dental Care, Quality Treatment

Same-day dentistry has opened the doors to a plethora of opportunity for patients. With one-day services, patients can conveniently receive the necessary care they need to maintain optimal oral health without detriment to their everyday life. 

Parents, business professionals, and everyone in between can conveniently receive a crown or bridge, a root canal, or other treatments in as little as one appointment.

One-visit dental care eliminates the need for uncomfortable temporary crowns and long waits in between office visits to receive a restoration after treatment. Our team can scan, create, and place the crown, bridge, or removable denture all in the same day.
  • Same-day services we offer include:
  • Crowns in a Day
  • Removable Denture Fabrication and Realignment
  • Root Canal Therapy and Crown Placement
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Veneers
  • Bridges

What Makes Our Same-Day Services Unique

In addition to our in-office CEREC machine that scans and mills restorations efficiently, Dr. Kalika and his staff work above a full dental lab. Here, patients can receive adjustments and alterations to high-quality restorations in the convenience of one office visit. Without leaving our office, we make sure each restoration is tailored to the patient and fits perfectly.

No longer are patients plagued with a crown that doesn't fit well or a denture that lacks the necessary clasp to remain comfortable when in use. We make sure we get procedures right and that our community is as beautiful as they are healthy.

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Our practice is dedicated to helping patients any way we can, whether that's with making treatment convenient or improving the quality of our care. 

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