Gum Disease Treatment

Gum Disease Treatment in Mesa, AZ

When afflicted with a case of gum disease, patients can come to Dental Center of Mesa for exceptional care using high-quality techniques and equipment. Jonathan Kalika, DMD, and his team of experienced and savvy individuals stay well-informed of the latest the dental industry has to offer. 

Patients in the heart of Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, and the Phoenix Metro Valley are all welcome at Dental Center of Mesa. Our high-standard is worth a visit. 

What is periodontitis? 

Periodontitis is a serious gum infection that damages the gum line, and, in advanced cases, can infect the alveolar jaw bone. It can lead to tooth loss, and is a risk factor for heart and lung diseases. Luckily, this condition is fairly preventable with regular dentist-assisted cleanings. 

Laser-Assisted Treatment with Solea 

If you are seeking periodontitis treatment, choose a dentist that utilizes dental lasers. Lasers are inherently antibiotic, promote tissue regrowth, and require less anesthetic. 

At Dental Center of Mesa, Dr. Kalika uses the Solea dental laser system to treat gum disease treatments. Our advanced laser removes only infected tissue, with no need for anesthesia and minimal bleeding. Once the pockets are cleaned of all plaque and infection, our laser can seal the gum line and promote healing. Gum disease treatment using a laser requires no sutures and has a faster healing time than traditional methods. 

Gum Rejuvenation with the Chao Pinhole® Technique

We use the Chao Pinhole gum rejuvenation technique because it is the preferred option for both patients and dentists.  Periodontitis can cause damage and recession to the gum line. Rejuvenating the gums used to require a gum graft, sutures, and a prolonged healing period. With our advanced technique, patients can avoid wearing sutures and see results in just days. 

To rejuvenate gums using the Chao Pinhole method, first we make a small pinhole incision into the gum line. Through this opening we stretch the tissue and fill it with platelet-rich plasma. The pinhole opening heals quickly, and the gums do as well. Many patients report success using this method. 

Choose Dental Center of Mesa for Gum Disease Treatment 

We offer the most comprehensive approach to periodontist possible. We provide the best technology with compassionate care. From our prevention to rejuvenation, patients can trust us to provide excellent service using modern techniques.  

If you have more questions about gum disease treatment or any of our other services, please feel free to give us a call. Our friendly staff is on standby. We look forward to hearing from you!