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We are fully open for all services.  A dental emergency may include swelling of the gums or face, broken teeth, crowns, fillings, tooth aches or vague pain or sensitivity. If you think you are having a dental emergency please call us at 480-834-9001 so we can assist you. Our team is healthy and available should you have a dental emergency, just like always.

IMPORTANT: If you are infected with Covid-19 or think you may have been infected, please contact us before coming in. This way we can instruct you on where to go and how to proceed for the safety of all. 

Emergency Dental Care in Mesa 

Patients experiencing a dental emergency would do best to receive prompt attention. Dental Center of Mesa offers emergency dental care to help minimize patient discomfort and preserve the integrity of their smiles.  

If you or a loved one are experiencing a dental emergency, call our office at 1 (480) 834-9001.

What constitutes a dental emergency? 

Dental emergencies are cases of extreme toothache, tooth loss, or tooth damage that require immediate attention. 

For example, avulsed teeth can be reattached if kept in good condition and reinserted into their sockets within a period of a few hours. 

Severe toothache can interfere with everyday life. Patients may find it difficult to eat or speak, and may not want to be seen in public if they’re experiencing intense swelling. 

Emergency Care Services from Dental Center of Mesa 

Jonathan Kalika, DMD is experienced in providing emergency care services. Our office offers emergency services all day, every day. We do charge a small fee to open the practice during off hours. But we do make time to see emergencies during regular business hours as well. We give emergency cases priority. 

Our goal is to return emergency patients to their normal state as soon as possible, even if that means just to relieve pain. We can refer to pharmacies that supply the needed medications to treat/prevent infection as well as minimize discomfort during the healing period. We can also provide emergency root canal therapy to treat toothaches and save your teeth as much as possible. 

Call Dental Center of Mesa for your Emergency Dental Care Needs 

If you or a loved one are experiencing a dental emergency, call the office of Dr. Kalika in Mesa, Arizona. We treat emergency cases in Mesa and the surrounding communities. We look forward to helping you reach optimal oral health!

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