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Derek Seballos, Mesa

This was my childhood dental clinic, Even though the Dr. has changed, Dr. Kalika is wonderful, friendly, very professional, and knows what he is doing. I came in to the clinic with a bad tooth and in so much pain. They took x-rays, took me right in, pulled two teeth, and I was done in an hour. Wow! They are amazing. The staff is exceptional also. The clinic is very clean, and covid measures are put in place. I would highly recommend Dental Center of Mesa to anyone. Thank you, Derek Seballos.

Derek Seballos, Mesa

I used to go to this clinic when I was younger. Then I needed a tooth pulled. I was in so much pain. They took me right in, and x-rayed my mouth, told me they were going to pull 2 teeth, and within an hour, I was done. Dr. Kalika is great. He’s friendly, professional, and knows what he is doing. The staff were beyond nice, and so compassionate. They had a full schedule, but still took me in as an emergency. The clinic is spotless, and they use covid measures. I would highly recommend Dental Center of Arizona to everyone. Thank you, Derek Seballos

Vance H, Mesa

I recently had a tooth implant with Dr Kalika. It really went smoothly, with little pain afterwards, and started healing within two days and no swelling. I believe Dr Kalika's office uses the very latest in state of the art equipment. They have an in house CT scanner, a laser for cavities which didn't even require numbing for my two and keep their equipment in really good condition as far as drilling tips, etc. I was particularly impressed with the friendly, efficient, experienced staff. Dr Kalika is very effient being able to do his task quickly while maintaining comfortability for the patient. He is even a bit entertaining while performing his procedures. I would recommend Dr Kalika for any dental procedure and he is reasonable compared to other dentists in the area. Vance H

Rhonda Caruso, Mesa

Dr. Kalika....the guru of dentistry! His staff.......outstanding! They leave no question behind. Everything is explained to you in detail, from procedure to payment. Dr. Kalika is a perfectionist...just the kind of dentist you want! He makes sure, you will never be in pain during his procedures! The Artist of Dentistry! Had a bridge, crown, and cavity . Also his hygienist is a master as well. First time EVER, (I am 70), I have had no pain with periodontal deep cleaning doing entire mouth! I use to be able to have this done only in quandrants! Miracle workers indeed! Thanks to all! This is a long overdue review!

Colleen , Mesa

I had extensive work done in April and am no stranger to the dentist chair. I am used to being in pain before, during and after any procedure until I met Dr. Kalika. He is hands down the best dentist I have ever gone to. I am in the process of a all on 4 and had the top portion done it was virtually painless and I am still shocked! I am already getting my permanent teeth next month. Now I wish I wouldn't have waited so long because I feel so much better. Dr Kalika is professional, well trained and a very nice person. I highly recommend him.

Kelli M, Mesa

Dr Kalika and his staff are amazing. I wish I could remember who referred me so that I could give them a great big hug. I was in severe pain and very anxious about seeing a dentist on an emergency basis (or at all honestly) but was pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the professionalism displayed by this practice. there are not enough kind words to express my gratitude!

Joyce H., Mesa

Dr. Kalika and Staff are # 1 in my book for Dental provider. I hope you all will give him your business. I have had multiple procedures at reasonable pricing and very happy with care and after care I have received. Staff is courteous, professional and all go above and beyond to answer questions and give advice. Patient for Life Joyce H.

James K, Mesa

I have had the good fortune to have many good dentist over the years, but I believe Dr Kalika is the best. I'm one of those who have great fear of going to a dentist, but Dr Kalika's professionalism carried the day. Had a very difficult procedure and it ended up being pain free. He has the newest technology and the best team to help him get the job done. I would recommend this dental center to any friend or family member.

Joyce H, Mesa

I have been treated for dental work by Dr. Kalika for years now and today confirmed that he is my dentist of choice for all periodontal cleanings every 3 months and all recommended dental work. He has performed crowns canine to canine on top teeth with excellent results and I can now smile confidently. The process was painless and done with professionalism and empathy. Dr. Kalika and his team are #1 in my book and prices are lower than other local dentists. I highly recommend his dental practice for anyone looking for quality care and professionalism. Today only confirmed my dentist of choice is Dr. Kalika after a 2nd opinion from another dentist recommending replacing 2 crown with cavities along the gum line. Dr. Kalika could have done the crowns, but was up front and honest when he told me he saw no cavities. Patient Forever, Joyce Harris

Lorraine S. Carroll , Mesa,Az

What a wonderful experience I had in this office! The two people "Mandy and Manny "who dealt with me before the doctor came in (taking X-rays and different things and asking questions) were very professional and were very kind to me. I also felt very comfortable in the chair. When the doctor came in he became more friendly along with his professionalism and I once again felt very relaxed. He explained everything to me what I would have done in the amount of time and what the cost would be. He explained how he would do things to be sure that things were done correctly. I am thrilled with this office very pleased to say the least. If you need some dental work done and you want someone who understands and people who are kind and considerate of your "feelings and your fears"... this is the office for you! Thank you to everyone there as it was my first time visit. I'm sure I made the right decision choosing this "Dental Center of Mesa!" - Lorraine C.

Dorothy S. , Mesa

So happy that I was able to get a crown on my tooth in one visit and be done! Very fast and efficient!

Joyce H, Mesa

Dr. Kalika is a magician. He works miracles and is the best dentist I have ever had. He has a comforting way of giving novacaine and doing all procedures. I have had my whole top teeth removed and replaced by crowns and my smile is noticeable by all and get lots of compliments. The weeks of healing and finally after having temporary crowns for 10 days the final crowns were placed successfully. I would highly recommend Dr. Kalika, who is personality plus and very reasonable in price. Sincerely, Joyce H

Jeremy V., Phoenix

This review is well deserved and long overdue. I've had a lot of dental procedures over the years and have never been to a dental office like this one. I had an infection over one of my implants and was seeing a Periodontist that was ready to take my implant apart. Luckily right before that I was referred to Dr. Kalika, I went into his office and he was confident that he could help me out. He talked of a laser that he used; I was skeptical because the Periodontist already tried that. One year later, no infection and I still have my implant. I've also had some other work over the past year done by Dr. Kalika. I have seen many, but none like him. I would highly recommend anyone with complex issues or not, to visit this office. His dental skills are superior from anyone else in dentistry. I've also had contact with Andrea for billing, Miranda, Felicia, Veronica for cleaning and recently Marc Anthony, all who were very professional and stellar at their job. Thank you for all you do!!

Anthony D, Mesa

Great first class experience, throughlly explained every detail totally relaxed atmosphere deserves patients confidence. Thank you Anthony D

Anthony D, Mesa

Forgot stars

Moriah, Maricopa

Dr. Kalika and his staff are amazing! They are courteous, professional and really make you feel comfortable. I had terrible tooth pain and was seen the same day. I highly recommend them!

Cle P, Chandler

I am a very nervous dental patient and going to a dentist I didn't know scared me silly. The first thing that impressed me with this office was the 3D imaging so they can see your teeth from all angles. (who knew you could have an abscess and your tooth didn't hurt?) They use gel instead of a shot for a deep cleaning and that sent my anxiety through the roof worked like a charm and I didn't feel a thing. Today was my root canal and Dr Kalika gives really easy shots, was very gentle and the procedure was over before I knew it. The staff is excellent and they let you make your payments over 60 days so that really helped. I put that office through the mill with all of my questions and concerns and they were extremely patient with me which was no easy feat. I did all that worrying for nothing but I am so happy I have a dentist I can trust now!