Just Polish

Have you been putting off your cleaning for a little to long? Or are you thinking about whitening your teeth before a big event, job interview, reunion, night on the town, or just to bring back that great smile? Then you need to get “Just Polished”.   Our friendly team will get your teeth clean and feeling great, quickly.


Removes surface stains and leave your teeth feeling “tongue-licking” smooth in as few as ten minutes. Quickly improve your smile and add a sparkle to your appearance?

  • Removes Surface Stains
  • Treatment takes only 10 minutes
  • Leaves your teeth glossy and smooth


DentalCenter of Mesa is proud to offer additional cleanings to our clients. If you Love getting your teeth professionally cleaned, this cleaning is for you.

  • 20 to 30 minute appointment
  • Includes a polish
  • Complimentary Visual Oral Cancer Screen


We use the strongest whitening agent on the market, and complete it in 40 minutes