Metal-Free Fillings

A filling is a dental treatment used to repair a tooth that has minor decay, fractures, or cracks. At our Mesa, AZ dental practice, we utilize composite or metal-free fillings that can be matched closely to the color of your teeth. In one appointment, the tooth decay will be removed and the healthy tooth will be cleaned and filled with a composite fillings. To help assist in the detection and treatment of cavities, our dentists utilize both the DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection system and dental lasers.




The only sonic-activated, single-step bulk fill composite system.

Profit From Faster Posterior Restorations
Placing posterior composite restorations has always been a tedious procedure, cutting into your time and draining you bottom line.

Not Anymore
SonicFill composite system is the only sonic-activated, single-step bulk fill product that does not require a final capping layer. Now you can go from placement to a polished restoration in less than 3 minutes on cavities up to 5mm.

How does it work?
Sonic activation of the composite dramatically lowers the viscosity during placement providing superior adaptation to the cavity walls. The composite then returns to a non-slumping, sculptable state making contouring anatomy fast and efficient.

The Result:

  • Effortless Placement
  • Superior Adaptation
  • No need for 2mm Layering
  • Easy Carving without Stickiness

Now you truly have the ability to simply place a single increment of material contour, cure for 20 seconds* and polish. It really is that fast and easy!

And with SonicFill’s extraordinary strength, low shrinkage, and high depth of cure, you’ll never have to sacrifice quality for speed.

The SonicFill Difference
SonicFill is a unique bulk fill system comprised of a specially designed handpiece and new composite material in Unidose tips. SonicFill’s composite incorporates a highly-filled proprietary resin with special modifiers that react to sonic energy. Simply stated, there is no other technology like it on the market today! As sonic energy is applied through the handpiece, the modifier causes the viscosity to drop (up to 87%), increasing the flowability of the composite enabling quick placement and precise adaptation to the cavity walls. When the sonic energy is stopped, the composite returns to a more viscous, non-slumping state that is perfect for carving and contouring.

Depth of Cure:
Ultra efficient curing characteristcs ensure optimal, full 5mm depth of cure in 20 seconds, with a light output of 550 mW/cm2. And SonicFill’s higher translucency does not compromise esthetics.

The SonicFill composite is highly-filled by weight (83.5%) and has a low volumetric shrinkage of 1.6%.

Flexural Strength
Clinical studies have shown that SonicFill is one of the strongest composite restorative materials available.

Apply Adhesive
Dispense the Material

Sculpt and Contour

Cure for 20 Seconds
Final Polished Restoration